Knot of Centipedes

by Target Chile

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One of the prodigal sons of Chilean metal TARGET, has announced after a long long time their album debut "Knot Of Centipedes", their awaited work after hard years of effort and dedication to bright to light at later July via AUSTRALIS RECORDS.

"Knot Of Centipedes" is an album that will be delight for followers of brutality, speed, experimentation and technical of bands like Meshuggah and Decapitated, among others.

In more than 35 minutes, the band fronted by Luis (guitas) and Andrés (Vocals), will give us a correct and direct hit for all TARGET's followers showed that their effort weren't in vain.

"Knot Of Centipedes" was recorded at 15HZ Studios by Cristian Rodríguez where the album got a clear and powerful sound turned this album as one of the great releases of 2011.


released June 25, 2011

Target are:

Guitars: Luis Soto
Vocals: Andrés Piña

Sporadically recorded at Estudio 15HZ by Cristián Rodríguez from February 2009 to June 2010
Bass and vocals on Crossfade, Neurotic Codecs, Oxymoron, The Next Level and Two Words recorded by Cristóbal González at Estudios Que Vuelva

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Cristián Rodríguez at Estudio 15HZ

Guest vocals on Crossfade, The Next Level and Two Words by Cristóbal González

Produced by Target and Cristián Rodríguez

Art Direction and Front Cover by Andrés Piña.

All lyrics by Andrés Piña.

Design and layout by Isabel Gueren

All Music by Target



all rights reserved


Target Chile Región Metropolitana, Chile

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Track Name: Oxymoron

Fragments in full,
echoes crammed with loss of words,
they attain what’s fickle;
confined freedom in tranquil despair.

The crystallized absence;
It banishes my inclusion.

…they shatter what’s already fixed.
Free of pretensions I gag the words,
creating symmetries.

Extrinsic fainting.

Limited routines;
they refuse what fell silent,
electrifying the infiltration of an oxymoron.
Track Name: Two Words
Two Words

Deciphering faces
in my coagulated universe.
-Inherited ego- invisible skin.
I try to be actor and spectator
of my own fragile archetype.

Now I’m nothing more than less.
I’m linked to atrophied memories
among a total vacuity.

-In lucid dreams, I deny the union granted by your affection;
I deny my past, among a diffuse projective optic-.

Deaf, blind and dumb words,
exploding into a self-conceived mutation /
plagiarizing the toxic effect of what is learned.
Now, I am without you.

Power in motion.
Violence, chosen abruptness
dissolving into a game-produced calm; your time for me.

Imagination, caught in a cosmic ocean,
the one you told me about.
You got me on your circle with just two...